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d'Pristine Walkthrough

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Download d'Pristine Brochure

d'Pristine Brochure

Floor Plan

To Suit Every Need

Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

SOFO Standard 644 sf
SOFO Deluxe 771 sf

SOFO Premium Suit Type A 1,308 sf
SOFO Premium Suit Type B 1,416 sf
SOFO Premium Suit Type C 1,416 sf
  • d'Pristine Facade
  • d'Pristine Garden
  • d'Pristine Bedroom
  • d'Pristine Living Dining Room
  • d'Pristine Infintiy_Pool
  • d'Pristine Sky View
  • d'Pristine Walkway_Facilities
  • d'Pristine Overall-Eyelevel
  • d'Pristine Coffee Shop
  • d'Pristine Grade A Office Tower Entrance_Lobby
  • d'Pristine Roof Top
  • d'Pristine Lake
  • d'Pristine Tower
  • Office Exterior
  • d'Pristine Aerial Night View
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