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d'Pristine Walkthrough

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d'Pristine Brochure


Welcome To 8.42 Acres Of Integrated Spaces

d’Pristine @ Medini is an integrated mixed development made up of 2 SOFO towers, a 4-star designer hotel, a Grade-A office tower and a 3-storey lifestyle mall. Meticulously planned with careful attention to details, occupants and visitors will be treated to stunning views of either its neighbour Legoland, or the gorgeous views of the lake and linear park. More than just views, they will also enjoy exclusive lifestyle facilities meant for all ages. d’Pristine is the place that fulfils everyone’s desires.

The All-Inclusive Destination Catered For All

Designer Hotel

Unwind at a 4-star Luxury Hotel

Grade-A Office Tower at Medini

Invest Your Business & Capital Here

Lifestyle Mall

Immerse Yourself in d’Pristine’s unique retail selection


Build Your Capital Here

  • d'Pristine Facade
  • d'Pristine Garden
  • d'Pristine Bedroom
  • d'Pristine Living Dining Room
  • d'Pristine Infintiy_Pool
  • d'Pristine Sky View
  • d'Pristine Walkway_Facilities
  • d'Pristine Overall-Eyelevel
  • d'Pristine Coffee Shop
  • d'Pristine Grade A Office Tower Entrance_Lobby
  • d'Pristine Roof Top
  • d'Pristine Lake
  • d'Pristine Tower
  • Office Exterior
  • d'Pristine Aerial Night View
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